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Visual Studio Professional 2022 – $31.81 just


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Microsoft Office Prof 2021 Plus - USD 99.00

Microsoft Office Home And Student 2019 - USD 40.00

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    In choosing a computer for your work I recommend Firstly check Minimum requirements for your industry software ... And buy according to recommended requirements or best requirements but Not less than minimum requirements... For example if you use Blender a FOSS for modelling / video edit etc animation check requirements here:

    Hardware Requirements of your Industry Software eg Blender

    After meeting the Minimum requirements for your industry software, - make a list of 10 best machines meet that -
    Buying new laptop or 2-1 or tablet, in my case the next priority consideration is the device ergonomics... like for myself personally and as software developer and content creator I prefer Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro, as have all ergonomics matched for me Like, Has 6 modes[screen vs keyboard] of working with, to have screen size over 15-in FHD or 4K, Touch/PenTouch or non-Touch Display, and further I recommend to do your research and see Web-Sites about Buying PC Guides or "Best Laptops for Content Creators" of companies like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Apple,... or search Google and YouTube... Some help to make the right choice from the Intel website is:


    Linux Laptops & Linux Desktops for sale - many distributions to choose from


    Apple Mac Laptops & Apple Mac Desktops

    Buy and Configure your WorkStation - Only sell used WorkStations

    You can do the same for all FREE Software titles here:

    FOSS - Free & Open Source Software - Linux - MacOS - Windows [Not Only Linux]

    Or any PAID Software title from Software manufacturer like AutoCad, Solid Works, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects ... etc another helpful Site is:

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    How to Use OBS Studio (Beginners Guide) - This is Free and Open Source Screen Recorder [Cross Platform]

    Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software

    Adobe alternatives for Free software [Not Only Linux]

    Adobe alternatives for Linux

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    Free Software Foundation - Free Soft for Linux - Unix - Solaris - MacOS

    Linux Distros - Rankings

    FOSS - Free & Open Source Software - Linux - MacOS - Windows [Not Only Linux]

    Some Python Open Source GUI Programs & more

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